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    The Oakbrook & Westview Parent Teacher Organization continues to be an active organization working on behalf of children!  During the end of the 2016-17 school year, the executive boards of both PTO's decided to move forward with establishing one new organization to support learning at both schools!  While we maintain traditions and typical annual programs at both buildings, we are able to operate more efficiently, and combine some programs to increase participation of families!  Please choose to get involved at your child's school! 

    What is the PTO? 

    The Oakbrook/Westview Parent Teacher Organization is made up of volunteer parents, teachers, and our school Principals.  What does PTO Logo the PTO need from you? We need to raise time and talents from all of our families.  Please consider giving freely of yourself for your student(s) and your school.  Any amount of time is important; from calling volunteers to bringing food for a room party to organizing a family night event.

    What does the PTO do, and how are things organized?

    We use SignUp.com (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming SignUps.
    Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

    1) Click either link to see our events on SignUp.com:

    2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
    3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.

    Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact the Westview school office at 630-766-8040 and we can sign you up manually.

    Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

     Need Help? 

    How to volunteer to participate or bring something using SignUp.com:  VIDEO
    How to coordinate or manage an event using SignUp.com:  VIDEO 

    How do I get involved? 

    Tuesday, September 8th (Virtual)  Meeting Minutes  Video of Meeting
    Tuesday, November 10th (Virtual)  Meeting Minutes  Video of Meeting
    Tuesday, January 12th (Virtual)  Meeting Minutes  Video of Meeting
    Tuesday, March 9th (Virtual)  Meeting Minutes  Video of Meeting
    Tuesday, May 11th (Virtual)   Meeting Minutes  Video of Meeting  

    All meetings are @ 6:30 p.m. and are currently scheduled to be online.  Click HERE to join us!

    Attending a PTO meeting is a great place to begin your involvement.  Come see the many ways you can contribute to the Oakbrook and/or Westview school community and show your student(s) how much you care!

    All parents and guardians of Oakbrook and Westview students are already members of the PTO--there is no application to complete or any membership dues to pay.
    Please consider joining us at an upcoming meeting, or contact one of the members of the Executive Board to learn more information about getting involved!

    President:  Mrs. Kerry Vanek
         Oakbrook:  Mrs. Joanna Lukis
         Westview:  TBD
    Secretary:  Mr. Mike Sylwestrzak
    Treasurer: Mrs. Lisa Martin


    2018-2019 Oakbrook/Westview PTO Budget (as of 11/13/2018)
    2018-2019 Oakbrook/Westview PTO Financial Summary (through 9/11/2018)
    2018-2019 Oakbrook/Westview PTO Financial Summary (through 1/15/2019)
    2018-2019 Oakbrook/Westview PTO Financial Summary (through 3/12/2019)
    2018-2019 Oakbrook/Westview PTO Financial Summary (through 5/14/2019)


    January, 2017-Spring, 2019:  Meeting Broadcast Videos are Available Online--Click HERE to View the PTO YouTube Channel

    OB/WV PTO Meeting Minutes November, 2019
    OB/WV PTO Meeting Minutes January, 2020


    OB/WV PTO Bylaws as of July, 2017



  • The WV/OB PTO is Now Accepting ONLINE DONATIONS!!!

    CLICK HERE to access the PayPal Link



    Volunteer using SignUp.com!!  It's EASY!!

    Click this link to our sign up at SignUp.com: https://signup.com/group/1166053904082
    Scroll through to find the many sign up opportunities. 
    Choose the event(s) you like, click on VIEW, and SIGN UP!  

    Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone.