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    WV7 News--Sponsored by TBD
    A video news club in which students prepare for and conduct interviews with teachers and staff, then edit and share their newscast with the school community.  In addition to conducting interviews, students may create tutorials or videos on how to handle different situations with their peers. Students participate during their recess and/or lunch period every other Wednesday.

    Green Team--Sponsored by TBD
    An environmental awareness club focused on learning about opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle within our personal lives, and to promote "green" habits throughout the school community. Students participate during their recess and/or lunch period one Monday per month, September through April.

    We explore the basics of “going green’” through games, crafts, and projects. 

    Topics include (but are not limited to): 

                How long will garbage last in a landfill?

               “Watt” do you know about lightbulbs?

                We’re drinking dinosaur water?

                Energy conservation:  Whose problem is it?

                “Earth Bingo” How much do you know?

                What can we make out of _______ ?

    We also coordinate the collection of BoxTops for Education with funds saved for green initiatives at Westview. 

    Art Club--Sponsored by Mrs. Perry (cperry@wdsd7.org)
    A club in which students explore media and techniques not typically used within the grade level curriculum. Due to high demand, students are invited to participate in this club as part of a group that meets for several weeks while completing a project. In order to provide an opportunity for other students to participate, another group of children are then invited to participate for the next several weeks. Students participate during their recess and/or lunch period on various Fridays.