• Image result for get involved with clubs4th Grade Clubs

    Computer Science Club--Sponsored by TBD
    A student-led club in which children will have an opportunity to explore computer science, programming and coding through a variety of online resources. Students participate in both tasks developed by the sponsor as well as passion projects during their recess period and on their own time using their Chromebooks.

    4th Grade Art Club-- Sponsored by Mr. Corona (gcoronamorejon@wdsd7.org)
    A club in which students explore media and techniques not typically used within the grade level curriculum. Due to high demand, students are invited to participate in this club as part of a group that meets for several weeks while completing a project. In order to provide an opportunity for other students to participate, another group of children are then invited to participate for the next several weeks. Students participate during their recess and/or lunch period on various Thursdays.

    4th Grade Chorus--Sponsored by Mr. Thoms (wthoms@wdsd7.org)
    A club in which students focus on developing their vocal technique and learn repertoire that has a greater complexity and level of difficulty that will complement the grade level curriculum. At various events through the year, the chorus has an opportunity to perform for a live audience such as the District 7 Winter Choral Concert, Spring Open House, and more.  Students participate during their lunch and/or recess period on Fridays.