• Permission Forms

    All students within WD7 are required to complete permission forms for:


    Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

    With 1:1 devices comes the responsibility of teaching our children how to use them correctly and safely.  From the first day a child uses technology, it is important to teach them how to use their devices in such a way that they are creating a positive digital footprint.   It is critical to set aside time on a regular basis to children explicitly how to be an active, positive, and safe community member online.  

    Below are some additional resources that you can use at home so you can learn how to monitor and help your child use their devices responsibly in order to create a positive digital footprint.

    At-Home Resources

    In addition to the above resources, there are many tools you can implement at home to help create a safe online environment while continuing to allow children to grow and learn.  The items below are not endorsed by WD7 but are simply collected in an effort to support parents own research and understanding for at-home use.

    While there are many options available on the market, these are three of the leading and highest reviewed resources.  They all allow you to filter content, limit screen time, set bedtimes, give rewards, etc.  Some even allow you to take your settings outside of your home, allowing you to continue to teach digital citizenship anywher in the world your child is.  Each has slightly different features so it is reccommended to do research to see which works best for your situation.