The Dual Language Program at Wood Dale School District 7 is an 80/20 program.  

    In Kindergarten the students receive 80% of their instruction in Spanish and 20% in English. Each year the percentages change (less Spanish and more English), until the students receive 50% of instruction in Spanish and 50% in English.  This will occur in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  At the Junior High, Dual Language students receive 2 core classes in Spanish; these include Spanish Language Arts and Social Science.  The other subject areas, including English Language Arts, are taught in English.  Teachers follow a Language Allocation Plan which determines which subjects they will be teaching in Spanish or in English each year.

    We offer a bilingual class at ECEC, where students spend 90% of their day learning in Spanish and 10% of the day learning in English.