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All children attending Wood Dale School District 7 and meeting the eligibility requirements for bus transportation prescribed by the district are entitled to ride the school buses. Any misconduct by a student, which in the opinion of the bus driver and with concurrence of the building principal is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the other students or to the safe operation of the school bus, will be sufficient cause for suspension of a child’s privilege to ride the bus. If, in the driver’s and building principal’s judgment suspension is in order, the procedures relating to suspensions as adopted by the Board of Education shall be followed. 

It is the policy of the Board of Education of the Wood Dale School District to provide bus service for students who qualify according to distance (defined as lineal walking distance along a street) over:
  • 5/8 mile for kindergarten and grade one
  • 6/8 mile for grades two and three
  • 7/8 mile for grades four and five
  • One mile for grades six, seven and eight
The following rules have been established to avoid confusion and possible overcrowding of buses:  
  • Students may not change buses to ride to another location.
  • Non-bus riders may not ride the bus to go home with friends or to attend meetings, etc.
  • If students at the elementary level are not to take a bus on a particular day or are to be picked up by a parent or are to walk home, parents must send a note to the school office.

Contact Information

Pam Wawczak

Transportation Director