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English Learners and Dual Language Program

The Wood Dale School District provides academic language support to students who qualify for the English Learners (EL) Program.  Students who are identified take an English language screener when student enrolls in the district and the family has indicated there is a language other than English spoken in the home.  Language support is provided through the Dual/TBE and TPI programs.

Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE)

The Transitional Bilingual Education program is provided to students whenever there are 20 or more students with a common native language enrolled in one school.  The Dual Language program and the TBE program, provide language support for students who qualify. Dual and TBE programs must be taught by a certified teacher who is fluent in the native languages spoken by the students. These programs promote students’ success in academic subjects and in learning English.  Each student remains in the TBE program until he/she reaches enough English acquisition to successfully perform in the general program of instruction. Students in this program qualify as full-time or part-time students depending on the scores they achieve on the language proficiency tests. Students in the Dual program remain in the program through at least 5th grade, regardless of their score on the language proficiency tests.  

Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI)

Transitional Program of Instruction may be provided in addition to a TBE/Dual program whenever there are fewer than 20 students of a common native language at any school.  Transitional Program services involve instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) and the use linguistically responsive instruction to teach academic content inside or outside of the classroom.  Each student remains in the TPI program until he/she reaches enough English proficiency to successfully perform in the general program of instruction.