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Dual Language Program

Wood Dale District 7 English Learners Programs

The Wood Dale School District 7 Dual Language Program is an educational approach that provides English Learners (ELs) and Spanish Learners (SLs) academic instruction in both English and Spanish to achieve fluency and literacy in both languages.  This program promotes bilingualism and biliteracy for all students who qualify as ELs and for students who come from homes where Spanish is not spoken. 

The program provides an opportunity for students who are not ELs to become fluent and literate in Spanish.  This program is an elective for students who are not ELs.  The Dual Program provides the language support that ELs need for students who qualify as ELs.

  The district currently has two types of dual language programs:

  • One-Way Dual Language   (ECEC and for grades 6th-8th)

One Way Dual: Students of Spanish-speaking backgrounds are placed in classrooms where they receive instruction in Spanish and English through 5th grade. The goals of this program are to develop bilingualism/ biliteracy, academic achievement, and cross-cultural competencies for all students.

  • Two-Way Dual Language (K-5th)

Two Way Dual includes about 50% of native English-speaking students and about 50% of Spanish-speaking background students in a classroom.  The commitment is for students to stay in the program through 5th grade.  The goals of this program are to develop bilingualism/ biliteracy, academic achievement, and cross-cultural competencies for all students.   

The Dual Language program goals are for students to:

  • Become bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural
  • Perform academically at grade level in Spanish and English
  • Use two languages comfortably and effectively in social and academic settings appropriate for their age level
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of cultural diversity and cross-cultural competence across various social situations.
  • Close the achievement gap of English Language Learners
  • Provide the opportunity for students whose first language is not Spanish to become bilingual
  • Engage in a rigorous curriculum aligned to state standards
  • Cultivate a lifelong love for language learning and an appreciation for cultural diversity 

The Dual Language Program at Wood Dale School District 7 is an 80/20 program.  

In Kindergarten, the students receive 80% of their instruction in Spanish and 20% in English. Each year the percentages change (less Spanish and more English), until the students receive 50% of instruction in Spanish and 50% in English.  This will occur in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  At the Junior High, Dual Language students receive 2 core classes in Spanish; these include Spanish Language Arts and Social Science.  The other subject areas, including English Language Arts, are taught in English.  Teachers follow a Language Allocation Plan which determines which subjects they will be teaching in Spanish or in English each year.

We offer a bilingual class at ECEC, where students spend 90% of their day learning in Spanish and 10% of the day learning in English.

Each year, the district will hold a Dual information parent night, where parents will have the opportunity to learn about the program, ask questions, and complete the Dual Language Consent Form.