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The Wood Dale Jr. High is turning 50 years old!  Prominently hanging on our entrance wall of our school is a plaque commemorating our beginning in 1966 as the Wood Dale Jr. High.  On the plaque are the names of individuals who had a grand vision and plan for our school and community.  If they were to return to our school today, what would they say?
Over the past 50 years, many of you from our past and present have walked our halls, worked together, played together, struggled together, learned together and laughed together.   The history of our school has been shaped by critical incidents, emotional events and profound accomplishments. If our walls and halls could speak there would be many stories to tell.  
Over the next school year, we want to gather our stories and celebrate our history and accomplishments.   We are reaching out to our alumni.  Whether you are a former student, teacher, support staff, custodian, or administrator, we want to hear and share your story and celebrate our past and present.
Please complete this brief online form so we can share your story.  We also welcome our alumni to consider coming to the WDJH and sharing your story with our students within the school year. You are one of our heroes or heroines from our school’s past who inspire us and can inspire our Panthers and their stories for their future. We appreciate your contribution and celebrating with us through your story!